Taradale Family Dental

March 17, 2021

The team at Taradale Family Dental aim to make each patient’s visit gentle and pain free with great customer service.

Our dentists perform dental check ups for preventative health, as well as a range remedial work and cosmetic dentistry.

Taradale Family Dental specialises in one visit crowns which is a new dental procedure and dental implants.

Dental services for patients

At Taradale Family Dental patients can access a full range of dental services for good oral health including fillings and root canals and more extensive work like bridges and implants.

Treatment for one visit crowns

One visit crowns are natural looking tooth replacements which can be fitted in just one appointment, reducing costs and treatment time. Crowns are matched to your existing teeth.

Tips for dental health

Practising good dental hygiene can improve your oral health and reduce the need for extensive dental work. The team at Taradale Family Dental offer advice for tooth care for all ages.


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