NZ Modern School of Music Hawkes Bay

April 14, 2021

Hawkes Bay wide services for music lessons, teaching music theory and practice to people of any age.

No matter what instrument you want to learn, at any age and beginner or expert, we can offer one-on-one professional music tutoring.

Not an expert yet? No need to worry, at NZ Modern School of Music we teach at every ability level.

Hawkes Bay guitar lessons and tutoring

In the Hawkes Bay region and considering learning the guitar? At NZ Modern School of Music, guitar lessons are just one of the many services we provide as we teach students to develop and improve their musical expertise.

Hawkes Bay wide music tutoring

At NZ Modern School of Music Hawkes Bay, we put the students first. One-to-one private lessons ensure that our students get the most out of every minute and learn to play their instrument with fun, personalized lessons.

Our history of music tutoring

With well over 60 years of experience teaching New Zealanders of all ages to play musical instruments, you can trust that the NZ Modern School of Music are the teachers you need.


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