Demolition 1

April 9, 2021

Demolition doesn’t have to be untidy – it just needs to be done the right way with coordination and efficiency.

Demolition can be very dangerous, but here at Demolition 1 we understand the health and safety obligations and take it very seriously.

Here at Demolition 1, communication is of utmost importance. Our site presents our team and our services in a simplistic way.

Services concerning businesses

Looking for an extensive demolition? You’re in luck! Here at demolition 1, we specialise in taking care of vast commercial and industrial demolition jobs.

Our residential services

Have a house you need gone? Lucky for you, we cover both commercial and residential demolition. Demolition 1 will swiftly and safely take care of the situation.

Our other removal services

Asbestos removal has become a longer process than it used to be but don’t worry. Here at Demolition 1, we are fully qualified and specialise in handling everything that is included with asbestos removal.


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